David Shade's Manual

The History of David Shade's Manual



Here is a brief history of this cult classic.

In March of 2000, I took a 3 day stage hypnosis class from Mark Cunningham. All of the students in the class traded email addresses and we kept in contact. I started a private email list in which I shared my hypnosis successes with them. I added other hypnotists and leading PUA instructors to my secret email list. Every few days I posted another new thing I did with sexual hypnosis. Over the following year, I wrote more success reports. Eventually I gathered them together into one cohesive book.

One day in March, 2001, I told my girlfriend that I should write a book about what I had done with hypnosis. She thought that was a great idea. I had actually already written it, and when she came over to my house for the weekend, I showed her the book. As she layed on the sofa, she read about all the things that she and I had done together. Every couple of chapters she grabbed me and pulled me into the bedroom. It was going to be a hit.

The very first David Shade's Manual sold on April 24, 2001, to Donald King in Montana. It cost $29.95 plus $3.00 for shipping and handling. It had 95 pages. Pictured here is the email that came in that day saying that it had been purchased.


I recently emailed Donald and asked him if I could trade his copy of the Manual for a new copy of the Manual plus every product that I sell. He was more than happy to send me his copy. I keep this copy in a frame on the wall in my den, pictured here:

Book number 69 went out to Dustin Lin in California on November 20, 2001. Being as it was such a special number, I asked my girlfriend to place a lipstick print on it. That lip print became an icon on many of my subsequent products. I took a picture of it before I sent it out:

I had been printing and binding the book myself. As demand continued, I had Kinkos print it beginning in 2002.

Over the next two years, I contributed more to the content until it grew to over 200 pages.

In 2005, I had it printed as a trader-back by the world's leading printer, and it received a new graphic cover.

It was sold in e-book format from June, 2005, to November, 2006.

Over the span of 7 years, it has sold thousands of copies. It was an outstanding deal back in 2001, and it is still a fabulous deal today. The content in David Shade's Manual is worth far more.

The woman featured in the Manual and I dated from 1999 to 2005, and we remain very good friends. Her name was never actually mentioned in the Manual.

Pictured here is the very first David Shade's Manual next to the very last David Shade's Manual. And I'm keeping both of them.


David Shade's Manual has been Discontinued. David Shade's Manual completely sold out on February 2, 2008. It was replaced by an audio book version specializing in the hypnosis components called "Advanced Sexual Hypnosis" which does a far better job of going into hypnosis. Later "Advanced Sexual Hypnosis" was incorporated into "Erotic Hypnosis". It is available here: Erotic Hypnosis

For more information, go to www.Masterful-Lover.com

Give women incredible pleasure,
David Shade